Athens & goodbye

12-16 October, 2011

Hello Athens!

And goodbye Middle Sea!

This the 101st post will be my last. The last 6 months have been amazingly good but all things (good and bad) must come to an end. I have purchased my ticket to fly back home to Melbourne on Monday, 17 October.

Most museums and archaeological sites are closed due to strikes Wednesday and Thursday (so I will have to wait until tomorrow, Friday, to visit the Acropolis). And there is a public transport strike Thursday and Friday. This is in addition to taxi strikes which are unpredictable. I was lucky that the Metro was still running Wednesday evening when I arrived at Piraeus port from Santorini. My accommodation in Athens (Athens Backpackers & Studios) is very central (with a view of the Parthenon from the rooftop bar) so I can easily walk most places. The weather is sunny and warm (unlike Santorini which was rainy).

It was not planned that way but it is fitting that the alpha and omega of this Middle Sea journey have turned out to be Rome and Athens respectively, the capitals of the two great classical Mediterranean civilisations.

To all my family and friends, see you soon!



About middleeuropeanmelancholy

64 year old Australian born male. Into travel, poetry, philosophy, music, popular physics, mathematics (especially topology)...
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2 Responses to Athens & goodbye

  1. paul worboys says:

    hey norman great blog as usual mate pity me and anna couldnt hook up with you again hope you had a great time and hope all goes well with your flight if i do manage to get through all the red tape and marry anna we would love to invite you out to moscow to stay take care mate and never stop travelling…..paul

  2. middleeuropeanmelancholy says:

    Hi Paul and Anna! Hope you two do get married (to each other). I’d love to keep in touch with you both. Who knows, we might have the opportunity to meet up again. Any chance of a honeymoon in Australia? I would love to visit Moscow one day too..

    Best wishes to you both.

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