A Beer Story

A funny thing happened to me in a bar in Istanbul.

It was a cafe-bar under the Galata Bridge. I took a seat outside with a nice view of the Golden Horn and the setting sun, looked at the drinks menu which only listed lager and pilsner beers, such as the local Efes. I felt like a change, so I wandered inside where the bar was. I spied a couple of bottles of a Turkish brand I hadn’t seen before, Gusta (see last pic, previous post).

One was a dark ale and the other was a wheat beer. They said they didn’t have a chilled wheat beer on hand, only the dark, so I had that. It wasn’t bad and I appreciated the change. I asked them to put a wheat beer in the fridge for me for the next time.

The following evening I called in again, saw the same guy who served me the previous evening and asked for my (hopefully chilled) Gusta wheat beer. He went away and then another guy came and placed a glass of beer in front of me. I took one sip and realised it was a lager. Then the first guy came back with a bottle of Gusta, saw the glass of beer, apologised and took it away before I had a chance to ask for another glass. By then I also realised that the bottle of beer was unopened. It took quite a while before I could attract the first waiter’s attention and ask for 1. a glass and 2. a bottle-opener.

The guy looked at me like I was a wimp, tried to twist the cap off with his hands and winced in pain. It wasn’t that kind. A few minutes passed and he was back with a glass and a bottle-opener. My thirst was building. He successfully managed to open the bottle and pour me a glass just as the second guy came back with a second opened bottle of Gusta wheat beer. It was quite a comical performance.

Eventually they both disappeared shamefaced and left me to enjoy my beer and the view in peace. I reckon they must have lost money on me!


About middleeuropeanmelancholy

64 year old Australian born male. Into travel, poetry, philosophy, music, popular physics, mathematics (especially topology)...
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