Odessa 2

15 September, 2011


Odessa Mama. They used to call it that because was a safe haven for misfits, dreamers, runaways (from serfdom and the military) and Jews.

The hostel I stayed at last year (Babushka Grand) was temporarily closed so I booked a dorm bed at “The Communist Party”.


The last 3 pics might require some explanation. The metal sculpture of an empty chair is in City Park. It commemorates a 1928 Russian novel, Twelve Chairs, by Ilf and Petrov. The next pic commemorates a narrow escape I had when walking along an Odessan street, minding my own business. This small but fearsome looking object descended from the sky and whistled past my right ear, landing with a loud thwack on the pavement. It is a chestnut (or rather the outer covering for one). Hard and spiky, I think it would have drawn blood had it landed on my head. The last pic is of a shot of Becherovka, a herbal liqueur produced in the Czech Republic since 1807. It was invented by the chemist Alfred Becher using a secret recipe of anise seed, cinnamon and approximately 32 other herbs.


About middleeuropeanmelancholy

64 year old Australian born male. Into travel, poetry, philosophy, music, popular physics, mathematics (especially topology)...
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