11-15 September, 2011

I took the night train (sleeping compartment) from Lviv to Odessa. It left at 8pm and arrived at 8am this morning (Monday). I was in Odessa last year too. It’s a great cosmopolitan city on the Black Sea. Unlike most of Western Ukraine (e.g. Lviv), Odessa is majority Russian speaking, rather than Ukrainian speaking. Not that there is a lot of difference to my ears. Some pronunciation differences (e.g. Ukrainians tend to turn o’s into i’s, so Lviv in Ukrainian, Lvov in Russian). Also “yes” is tak in Ukrainian (like Polish), da in Russian. “Thank you” is dyakuyu versus spasiba, good is dobry versus khorosho. And Odessa is spelled like that in Russian, but Odesa in Ukrainian. I noticed some graffiti in West Ukraine, where Odessa was written with one “s” crossed out!

For more photos of Odessa see last years blog (on the sidebar). I will try not to repeat too many pics.



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