8-10 September, 2011

Lviv (Львів or L’viv) in Ukrainian, Lwów (Polish), Lvov, L’vov or Львов (Russian), Lemberg (German) and Leopolis (Latin) all mean “Lion City”.

I was in Lviv on my trip last year too. See my Middle European Melancholy blog under “blogroll” on the sidebar. Lviv is probably the most attractive city in the whole of the Ukraine.

For the first time since I left Bulgaria I am staying in a private room, not a dorm. I am staying at the Hotel George (very central), where I stayed last year, in their cheapest room for $50 per night. It is excellent value in my opinion. The breakfasts are lavish.

By the way, the Hotel George was designed by my favourite 19th century Viennese architects, Fellner and Helmer.

Spot the statue of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch who was born in Lviv (and from whom comes the term masochism) outside the cafe of the same name. You get a free handcuffing and whipping with every meal. (Only kidding).

The last pics are from a tour of Lvivskiye Brewery.



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