31 August, 2011

The last day of summer.


I walked across the bridge between Romania and the Ukraine today. See silly pic of my feet, the left in Romania, the right in the Ukraine. There was no bus station in Solotvino (the Ukrainian town) so I walked to the main highway and waited for a bus to Rakhiv (PAXIB in Cyrillic). Fortunately I only had to wait 30 minutes. The trip took about an hour and arrived at the bus station (Rakhiv is a bigger town, with the highest elevation of any provincial capital in the Ukraine). I was lucky again, because the next bus from there to Kolomiya was leaving in 30 minutes. But I didn’t have time to look around town much. The trip to Kolomiya took about 3 hours and I arrived about 5pm. The bus passed through Yaremcha where I went on a day trip last year and saw my first stork. When we arrived in Kolomiya I remembered that my guest house (“On The Corner”) was near the bus station, and I was able to walk straight there.  A couple of little landmarks that I had forgotten about popped up out of my memory banks on the way. It’s cool to visit a place I stayed at on my trip last year. Kolomiya looks much the same, but I have changed I guess, as we all do when we age a year.


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3 Responses to Kolomiya

  1. paul worboys says:

    hi norman its great that your back in europe i got your sms about being in on the corner kolomiya we have to hook up in skype one weekend mate or one evening i had forgotten to read your blog for a few months but woke early this morn and remembered to catch up , looks like your having a ball mate anyway send me an sms when you can be in skype take it easy mate….paul

    • Hey Paul, Good to hear from you. I have your cellphone number, so just suggest a day & time (& time zone) and I’ll give you a call. I have Skype on my computer mainly to call my Mum back in Melbourne. I haven’t used Skype for PC to PC yet..

  2. paul worboys says:

    hey norman how long are u about in europe for? just because u have never pc to pc skyped its time u did mate im really busy with work at the moment so its going to be a while maybe not until sunday the 18th until i get the chance if i can before i’ll let ya know oh what are your travel plans?

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