Sighetu Marmaţiei

28-29 August, 2011

Sighetu Marmaţiei (or Sighet to the locals) is just over the Tisa River border with the Ukraine. I got here by train, an eight and a half hour marathon from Cluj with 2 changes. A bus might have been better (certainly quicker) but I really do prefer trains. All my long-distance journeys in Romania have been by trains. I might do a day trip tomorrow by bus though. I arrived at Cobwobs Hostel (run by an English guy, Rob, and his Romanian wife, Ella) about 8pm. They had just started a barbecue and I was invited. Nice. I hadn’t eaten much since breakfast, just some fruit and nuts on the train.

Next day, for lunch, on the terrace of the Marmatia Hotel, I had sarmale, probably Romania’s most popular dish, cabbage rolls stuffed with rice and meat with sour cream. Most good restaurants also have a vegetarian menu (usually called “Lenten Food”). Then I crossed the pedestrian suspension bridge and walked up the hill. There were hundreds (probably thousands) of wild apple trees, the fruit sweet and delicious. You can see beyond the town over into the Ukraine and the Carpathian mountains from the hill.



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2 Responses to Sighetu Marmaţiei

  1. amongtheregulars says:

    Wild apples sound delicious. What are those hut-shaped straw (?) mounds?

  2. The wild apples were delicious. Not the small, sour things you might imagine. These were large, sweet and juicy. Practically blemish-free too. They would have done any Melbourne supermarket or greengrocer proud. Today climbed Mt. Hoverla in the Ukraine. It’s not something a mountaineer would put on his/her resume, but I’m pretty happy. And on the way down I sampled some….wild raspberries! Details soon.

    I think those things were haystacks. They are evrywhere here in the Ukraine too. In rural Romania and rural Ukraine, the horse is a common animal, used on farms as a ….umm…workhorse, and for transportation too. A horse and cart is a common sight. I imagine the hay is food for them in the winter, maybe other animals too? Walking on a mountain yesterday I saw little huts with hay in them and was told they were to feed the wild Roe Deer.

    And congratulations again on your Arts Victoria grant, Andy.

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