17 August, 2011

“I’m waitin’ for my train…18 leva in my hand…it’s never early, it’s always late…the first thing that you learn is that you always gotta wait…” (apologies to Lou Reed & VU)

The train to Bucharest, Romania was scheduled for 4.00pm, arrival in Bucharest 6.30pm. It left 5.30pm and arrived around 8.15pm. Apparently it was delayed because of the late arrival of the train from Istanbul, from which it had to attach some carriages. By the way, Ruse was a stop on the original Oriental Express!

Anyway, I’m here now, in my hostel dorm. I’m proud of myself for finding my way on foot from the railway station without getting lost. just as it was starting to get dark. I have only had time to get a bite to eat nearby and will turn in now. It’s after midnight already.

Plenty of time to look around tomorrow. I’m here for 3 nights.


About middleeuropeanmelancholy

64 year old Australian born male. Into travel, poetry, philosophy, music, popular physics, mathematics (especially topology)...
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