Sofia 2

6-7 August, 2011

Today would have been my sister’s 59th birthday. She passed away three years ago and I miss her. I will spend today visiting museums and thinking about Lesley, her bubbly personality and kind heart.

Here are some pics of Sofia. By the way, Sofia was named after its main church Agia Sofia (Holy Wisdom). The first pic is of the statue of St. Sofia which replaced the statue of Lenin formerly in that spot.


The photos show the Market Hall, Sofia synagogue, Banya Bashi mosque and Sveta Nedelya cathedral, all close to each other. The former Public Baths building is near the place with taps spouting hot mineral water for public use. The former Communist Party headquarters now displays a flag on top, rather than the Red Star which was removed, its location now uncertain. The changing of the guard ceremony (every hour, on the hour) is in front of the President’s Building. The gentlemen sporting mini-umbrella hats are Brits here for stag party. I shook hands with the prospective groom. The Communist-era sculpture in Youth Park in front of the former Palace of Culture is in a parlous state of disrepair. There is a piece of the Berlin Wall nearby. I had lunch and a beer in the garden of the “Red House”, formerly a writers and intellectuals hangout, now a gallery. There is a pic of a sculpture of a joyous crowd, near and associated with, the Monument to the Soviet Army. The guy on the horse is the Russian Tsar who helped Bulgaria overthrow Ottoman rule in the 19th c. There is also a pic of a Russian-style onion-domed church, and lastly Sofia’s architectural piece-de-resistance, the Sveta Sofia church.


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  1. Andy Jackson says:

    Beautiful thoughts.

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