26-29 July, 2011

I caught the ferry from Saranda to Kerkyra (Corfu Town), then the bus to the little village of Pelekas (only 12 km away on the other side of the island). I am staying at Sunrock Hostel near a lovely beach. Another hostel option was The Pink Palace, by all accounts a very young person’s mega alcohol/parties/sex complex. I gave that a wide berth. Sunrock was more chilled, but with friendly fun-loving youngsters too though, who were still often on the terrace overlooking the beach, playing drinking games until dawn. They had great stamina. Some of the young girls thought nothing of swimming out to “Sun Rock” and back (half an hour each way!), a stony outcrop in the sea (you can also take a boat trip or hire a kayak). I preferred leisurely walks and was usually in bed by midnight. I like my beauty sleep.

I survived the only occasion on the trip so far when I felt really sick. I had taken a trip to Corfu Town in the day and was on the bus back to Pelekas when I started to feel ill. Just made it back to Sunrock when I started throwing up. Had to miss the free evening meal (breakfast was included as well for 22 euro). I started to develop chills, so bad that I had uncontrollable shivering. I put myself to bed, wrapped up in a blanket. In the early hours of the morning I woke up and the fever was gone. I hadn’t even taken an asprin or paracetamol. In the morning I felt right as rain! I credit the new immune system I acquired in late 2007 after my stem cell transplant.



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2 Responses to Corfu

  1. Andy Jackson says:

    Incredible beach scenes! And, Norman, you’re invincible. Glad you shook that sickness off – you’ll be all the better for it. In the middle of MIFF and thinking of you. Will email you soon.

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