Sunday, 19 June 2011

Arrived here in Podgorica, capital of Monte Negro, from Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia-Hercegovina, after a 7 hour bus trip (9am – 4pm). We travelled through spectacular scenery along narrow mountain roads with rugged peaks above and lush valleys and mountain lakes beneath. The Monte Negro side of the border was the best, through the Durmitor National Park.

When I got off the bus I ignored the taxis and tried to find my hostel myself. It was supposed to be only 150 metres away. The directions were confusing, and the scarcity of street signs didn’t help. After about half an hour wandering in a circle and returning to a point near the bus station, I saw a Japanese guy (who was on the same bus) coming from the opposite direction. He was trying to find the same hostel with similar non-success. We put our heads together (and our 2 maps – my crappy Lonely Planet map and his crappy Japanese map) and walked in a circle for another half hour, eventually finding the place close to where we first met!

I an very happy. I booked the 4-bed dorm with en-suite, while he booked the other (very slightly cheaper dorm). But it was a win-win since there are no other guests and consequently we each have the equivalent of a private apartment.

The view from the bus:


A walk around Podgorica:



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