Saturday, 11 June 2011

I arrived by bus this afternoon from Split. It took longer than I thought it would (about 5 hours) but it was a nice drive. Most of the way was along the coast, similar to the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, with pretty bays and inlets, but also close off-shore islands. Then we headed inland, with hills and rivers. I just saw on the news that I missed some excitement in Split by leaving so early. Apparently there was a gay parade that was attacked by a mob throwing rocks and bottles. Dozens injured and over 100 arrested. If Croatia wants to join the EU (just the other day approved conditionally for 2013) they will probably have to do more to prevent incidents like that.

When I arrived at the bus stop I was about to walk the kilometre or two to Hostel Nina, but Nina’s 50 year old mother was there to give me a lift in her car, which was nice. I had an off-putting experience with the first hostel I tried to book in Mostar. They had great user feedback and ratings (in the top 3 hostels in all of Europe for 2010) but after my booking was accepted I noticed their fine print: “guests under 15 or over 45 not accepted”. WTF? OK, not accepting youngsters and old farts is understandable I guess. Babies, children and tweens wet their pants, drool, fall over and break things. And old people (i.e. over 65) wet their pants, drool, fall over and break things. But I am not over 65. I am only 61! There is a Grand Canyon of Time difference between 61 and 65, I’ll have you know. When I am 65 I will accept all the demeaning attitudes to old people that will then apply to me. I will even happily volunteer for euthanasia. But not one minute before!


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