Lecce 2

24 May, 2011

I did get to meet up with my friend Chris and her sister Angela (see last pic). As I suspected might happen we just bumped into each other this morning in Piazza di Sant’Oronzo. I also visited the Charles V castle (free, but I paid extra for the Marc Chagall exhibition) and went inside Chiesa di Santa Croce (with the amazing baroque stone carving on the outside). There was a wedding taking place.


Chris, Angela and I have decided that tomorrow we will go together on a day trip to Otranto (over an hour by train, with possibly two changes) for no better reason than that we have heard there is a fabulous floor mosaic in a church there. Are we culture-vulture tourists or what? Well, another good reason might be the excellent seafood reputed to be on offer there…

Tonight’s take-away pizza (vegeteriana) and beer:



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