21-23 May, 2011

I got to Lecce by train from Alberobello via Martina Franca. My B&B is great (actually a huge apartment with no-one else staying there at the moment). Very close to the main piazza, Piazza Sant’Oronzo. I am looking forward to meeting my friend Chris who will be here with her sister Tuesday and Wednesday. WiFi problems at the B&B, so Internet cafe again…Pics will have to wait I am afraid, and there will be plenty – Lecce is the motherlode for baroque (and please remember, “if it ain’t baroque, don’t fix it!”) architecture.

Update:  I am a technical genius. I fixed the WiFi problem myself. There really was a problem. When I texted Flavio, the owner of the apartment, to tell him. He texted back: “The password I gave you is correct. Please control your typing!”. Grrr. Anyway, I switched the router off and back on again and bingo!. It was a little tricky though since the router was high up near the ceiling. I had to drag a small table over to stand on to reach it. All’s well that ends well. Now I can upload some pics. Hope you like baroque architecture.

Piazza Sant’Oronzo, with the copperplate statue of Lecce’s patron saint on a column originally from the Appian Way, the former Town Hall Building, little St. Mark’s church and a 2nd c. Roman Amphitheatre:


From Piazza Sant’Oronzo it’s a short walk along the Corso Vittorio Emanuele to Piazza Duomo and the cathedral with the highest bell-tower in Italy:


Saving the best until last, the fantastic, over-the-top Basilica di Santa Croce:


In Lecce, like most cities in Italy I’ve been to (except the biggest ones), the place is quiet during the middle of the day, many shops closing for a good part of the afternoon. But it comes alive in the evening, starting with the passegiata walking procession in and between the main piazzas.


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