Rome, the Eternal City

12-16 April, 2011

The Colosseum


The Arch of Constantine


The Roman Forum


River Tiber, Ponte Fabricio and Isola Tiberina


The Pantheon


La Tazza D’Oro coffee shop, Giolitti’s gelateria and my pompelmo rosa (pink grapefruit) gelato


The Spanish Steps


The Vatican, St. Peter’s Basilica, St. Peter’s Square and Castel Sant’ Angelo


Ponte Sant’ Angelo


Piazza Navona


Piazza del Popolo


MAXXI Museum of modern architecture, design, art (and my walk there)


Risorgimento (Italian unification) monument – Vittorio Emmanuelle and Trajan’s Column


Via Appia Antica – Appian Way – Ancient Roman road – Regina Viarum (Queen of Roads)


Street scenes


My perfect Italian meal – carciofi alla Romana (artichokes Roman style), pizza Margherita, glass of vino rosso

To end this post, a poem I found in Rome (on the Isola Tiberina, actually), “Sul Fiume Tevere” (“On The River Tiber”) which may have been written by Gémino H. Abad in 2009, ends:

Il suo mitico re, io pure, che vengo da lontano

In Roma straniero, lotto per trovare quella forza

Che intreccerà la morte con il riso

(I too, coming from afar, a stranger

In Rome, strive to find that strength

that shall wreathe death with laughter)


About middleeuropeanmelancholy

64 year old Australian born male. Into travel, poetry, philosophy, music, popular physics, mathematics (especially topology)...
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